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You can read more here.401(k) plans just haven worked, says Monique Morrissey, an economist at the nonprofit think tank Economic Policy Institute. Worked for some people, but for those people, it just a tax break. The majority of 401(k) savings are held by the wealthy richest 20% of households hold about three quarters of the money invested now.

Temple visits are allowed on Feb. 11, 12 and 19, which is the last day of celebrations and also known as the Hokkien New Year or the Jade Emperor’s birthday. Visits to the places of worship will be allowed from 6am to 2pm at 30 minute intervals, including time allocated for disinfecting the space..

Call Overview as of 3:35 pm: A dispute between male coworkers led to a stabbing at the West Towne Mall Food Court this afternoon. The suspect, a 60 year old man, and the victim, a 34 year old man, both are employed by West Towne Mall. The victim suffered a superficial stab wound to the back, and a scratch to the neck.

DITTMER, Mo. (AP) A former Catholic priest has been arrested at a Missouri facility that provides a home for disgraced clergy, accused of sexually assaulting a child in North Texas 31 years ago. The St. Three or more metal atoms of different size and physical properties usually form glassy metal structures and, therefore, a more complex modeling should be applied.This atomic/molecular dynamics approach, which is in contrast to hydrodynamics, does not utilize constitutive state equations or direct continuum level equations, but it is directly based on interatomic force laws (Cubaud and Mason, 2012) from which the effects of the inertial to viscous forces governing the melt flow are derived.Flow instabilities can be generated at different size scale in fluids in motions (Fig. 1). Traditional hydro dynamics can describe the Kelvin Helmholtz (Fig.

But Brown was no homebody, either. When he joined the surging crowds waiting outside Studio 54 or another hot spot, door keepers routinely ushered him inside. As Brown describes it in his memoir, “‘Hey,’ the bouncers would say, ‘It’s the Cosmo guy.”’ And the first time the Cosmo guy walked into Studio 54, “Steve Rubell and Calvin Klein tried to rip my shirt off as kind of a prank to, ‘see what you got’ as I went in the door.

Police are searching for a suspect after a 13 year old girl reported that a strange man tried to get her into his car in South Vancouver this week. On Wednesday when she noticed a stranger following her in his car, according to Vancouver police. The man then allegedly stopped his car and told the girl to get in..

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