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The information and feedback from this meeting will be used to help craft a Request for Proposals (RFP) that the city intends to issue for car sharing in Madison. Some operations such as Car2Go have a business model with point to point use that is currently not allowed under State Law. There are issues that the City will need to work through as part of this RFP, including how to charge an appropriate amount for these vehicles to park on city streets and also how they will be handled in areas with Residential Permit Parking, assuming State Statutes are changed to allow this option..

I am hopeful that you will bring this to the attention of the committee chairs and the committee itself during today hearing. Furthermore, it should keep open the question of whether or not the chancellor directive to rid of that document was a violation of Arkansas FOIA law. The prosecutor error in applying the wrong paragraph (cited in his report) when reaching his conclusion should result in the committee setting aside that particular finding until it can be revised..

(Enter from Whitney Way)This month, every home in Madison will be getting a postcard in the mail with important information about the city’s drinking water. The cards announce the release of this year’s Annual Water Quality Report, an overview of the tens of thousands of drinking water quality and safety tests Madison Water Utility conducted in 2015. Test results show the city’s water once again met or exceeded all Federal and State standards for health and safety.The postcards direct people to the following link so they can review the report in detail:YOUR CONCERNS MATTER Hats off to Bryan for providing such a detailed explanation to the Constiuent.RE: Feedback about Refuse Collection Illegal Dumping WestThe specific situation referenced below has been resolved, but it was brought to my attention from Alder McKinney that there were feelings that the city took no action regarding the items that were dumped outside your window on Waldorf.Material that is set back on private property cannot be collected by our large item crews.

One viewer tweeted: it me or does the weeknd sound terrible right now? added: weeknd performance sounded awful. I blame the sound guy. Third wrote: at least we know he was live! The Weeknd handled it super well but I so deaf I had to turn up my surround sound viewer tweeted: who hates the weeknd did the sound for his performance bc i could not hear him for sht..

“Imagine a situation where you’re on the phone or talking with a friend,” Timothy Tuttle, founder of San Francisco based Expect Labs, which created the app, said in an interview. “wouldn’t it be great if your phone could automatically find the information you’re talking about and display it at the right time?”To use MindMeld, which costs $3.99, users log on to the app with Facebook. The app detects words and phrases related to current events and local businesses and searches the Internet while people are speaking to each other to gather more information related to the conversation.Up to eight people can join in on a chat.

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