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I know, I know. Shoulda looked into Maui beach resort. , I made the personal decision that I did not want to go crazy and pay a daily $35 resort fee along with a daily $25 parking fee. I would much rather avoid that and have a kitchenette so we could stop at costco after landing and make some dinners in our room. Coupled that with the basics of some AA cards and being able to use 85,000 AA miles from PHL>LAX>OGG for 2, I can’t believe I’m about to give my S/O the biggest Christmas present of her life. Altogether, I was able to redeem a $5500 vacation with just 3 credit cards.

I agree with TPPB’s recommendation. There is effectively no chance that an RTA will be formed until the state legislature’s composition changes drastically. Even if an RTA was more possible, I don’t believe that we can forecast the city’s financial position accurately enough to justify hamstringing our ability to manage our revenue sources in the future..

I said next penalty we get, I told my teammates, I grab the ball and nobody takes it away. Fortunately I score.What message did Ederson send forward before the penalty?Keepers know eachother, Ederson told me a specific point about Lloris, I didn listen. It better to focus on what you confident, and it went in.FT City 3 0 SpursJoe BrayFull time!City move seven points clear at the top of the table.

Once it’s in place, you can have sex more than once, but you need to reapply spermicide before each time. Do that with your fingers or an applicator, making sure to get it deep inside your vagina. Most spermicides only work if you use them less than an hour before you have sex.

The largest supplier of PPE to states this spring had never sold a single mask before the pandemic. But from mid March to early June, Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD sold $930 million worth of masks and sanitizer to states. Two thirds of that went to California, where Democratic Gov.

1 seed in Week 17.He was the starter the rest of the way.”It’s been a unique season,” said Manning. “I really have just tried to take it one week at a time, and I certainly knew this defense gave us a chance. This defense since the get go has been nothing but awesome.

Wednesday Those living in the area around Monona Court received a postcard last week with information on a petition to revert Monona Court to 2 way motor vehicle traffic. Thank you to all who have reached out already. If you have an opinion on this that you’d like to share, please send it to me via email or plan on attending where this will be considered..

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