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Text SizeAs Canada announces the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, Steve Hawkins, president and co CEO of Horizons ETF Management Canada Inc. which launched the world’s first cannabis exchange traded fund last year answers 10 questions posed at the Inside ETFs conference on Thursday in Montreal by Inside ETFs CEO John Swolfs.What makes your firm differ from all other ETF providers?We don’t want to sit still, and we like to lead the way when it comes to new products. Everyone is talking about the changes in commodity pools, and we launched hedge fund ETFs six years ago in 2012.

Impossible to watch the footage presented by the House Managers and not come to the conclusion that Donald Trump was responsible for inciting the deadly attack on our Capitol. The facts speak for themselves: Donald Trump spent years cheerleading violence and intimidation as political tools and months spreading conspiracies and lies about the election being stolen. He stoked the fury of his supporters, repeatedly telling them that they had to like hell to overturn the election.

Homan W, Montargs M, Pimpanuwat B, Richards AMS, Wallstrm SHJ, Kervella P, Decin L, Zijlstra A, Danilovich T, de Koter A, Menten K, Sahai R, Plane J, Lee K, Waters R, Baudry A, Wong KT, Millar TJ, Van de Sande M, Lagadec E, Gobrecht D, Yates J, Price D, Cannon E, Bolte J, De Ceuster F, Herpin F, Nuth J, Sindel JP, Kee D, Grey MD, Etoka S, Jeste M, Gottlieb CA, Gottlieb E, McDonald I, El Mellah I, Mller HSP. 2020. Atomium: A high resolution view on the highly asymmetric wind of the AGB star 1Gruis I.

This article conceptualize, hypothesize and test observations with a set theoretic tool (fsQCA). Our analysis focuses primarily on British and Chinese cultural profiles to start with. This should give us an initial approach towards understanding the similarities, differences and overlaps of cultural behavior.

Blasting at the future Kwik Trip site at Cottage Grove Road and Sprecher Road is resuming this week, on Monday, Feb. 3. The contractor, Falcon, anticipates it will last about three weeks. Since the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago, countries throughout the world have been advocating for a ban on nuclear weapons. It is 51 years since the UN General Assembly passed a resolution called the Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons signed by 191 states. The treaty is reviewed and renewed every five years.

In a cricket mad nation such as India, there’s always a market for cricket video games. We’ve reviewed quite a few of these over the years, but none of the games had a licensed cricket player more popular than Sachin Tendulkar, who featured in the free to play Android game Sachin Saga Cricket Champions. JetSyntheses, the developers of Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, recently launched Sachin Saga VR on Android along with a VR headset..

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