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Hile no one really questions the credentials of the Juniper Ridge Partners and its lead developer Kuratek, he certainly has ruffled a few feathers of late, especially among developers and realtors. According to Kathleen Leppert, a local realtor, and former member of the CDBG Housing Advisory Committee, Kuratek who was also a member of the committee at the time, but later resigned butted heads more than a few times over affordable housing issues and Juniper Ridge. When Kuratek accused certain members of being part of a good ol’ boy network and standing in his way, many in the committee were offended..

But even if one were to ignore these practices, there is no reason that the Minnesota Legislature should be abridging the free speech rights of Minnesotans over such an issue. To make it illegal to criticize a foreign government is not the responsibility nor the proper role of our state Legislature. Would legislators go on to make it illegal to criticize Iran or Russia or France? This bill comes not to protect Israel but to prevent open dialogue and civil action.

I know it meant to keep your next pages free from dents, but if I have to close my planner quickly before the ink dries it much safer to close the ink against my pencil board. It not 100% but it prevents most of my accidental smudges and transfer ink. I have to note that I am right handed, but I think using a pencil board to rest your hand on may help with smudging and inky palms too..

2. Shop said pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which features new fall products at major discounts. This year sale runs until August 30, and depending on your Insider status, you could be eligible to shop it this very moment. New rules were created about what could and could not be brought aboard airplanes. Box cutters and certain other objects that could previously be carried on board were now subject to confiscation. On December 22, 2001, Richard Reid attempted to destroy a passenger liner from Paris to Miami using shoes packed with explosives.

The AMD Radeon VII 16GB graphics card offers better performance than the last generations Radeon RX Vega 64 air cooled card. That is to be expected though with any new generation of graphics card and the fact that the price is higher. AMD launched the Radeon RX Vega 64 air cooled models at $499 and called it the King Under $500 when it launched.

My comments: The applicant Stone House Development is one of the best affordable housing developers in the City. They build and manage high quality housing. After hearing concerns from nearby residents at the first neighborhood meeting, they reduced the height of the building from five to four stories.

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