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Kinnard asked Keya if there was anything she could tell the court that could prove Iyon will stay on the right course if given a second chance. She said his mindset is determined after seeing the dark side of being locked up in jail over the past year. She assured the judge prison is not where her son wants to be and that he has razor vision on what he wants in life..

I get that you don like the depiction of Muhammed, but that simply your opinion. Most people do not care that satire exist as a mean of critisism and expression. I want to remind you that the discussion if caricature is okay, is not the one I am having.

However, the COVID 19 pandemic had other plans for her.Due to the pandemic, that sense of security was disrupted. She found herself scrambling to find a way to offset some of the income she was losing due to “restructuring” on her job.As her husband, I had her back, but I had to throw a bit of “I told you so” in there. I wanted her to know that nothing is ever secure when you don’t have control.So this brings us to an inflection point.The BetAfter a rather lengthy discussion about how it wasn’t right, followed by creating a plan for us going forward and how she was going to pivot, I set the trap.I always wanted her to work in the business with me, but she had reservations.

Prior to this heavyweights Suvendhu Adhikari and his brother joined the saffron fold. In the past bigwigs like Mukul Roy, Arjun Singh, Mihir Goswami and others have deserted Mamata Banerjee too. While some would be right in questioning BJP on taking so many TMC leaders who they alleged were hand in glove with the Mamata Banerjee government in victimising BJP karyakartas, the fact is that these defections indicate to some extent which way the wind is blowing in Bengal..

There are easily thousands of bikes on campus. Any point during the day there are hundreds of bikes locked up at different locations from Sproul and Dwinelle to Moffitt and Barrows, just to name a few. According to the UCPD there have already been 67 bikes stolen this semester alone.

When it comes to investing in some designer sunnies you can’t get much more timeless than a pair of Ray Bans. And luckily for us, Kendall sunglasses will only set you back a reasonable $153. Click right to nab a pair for yourself or head to the edit below for our favorite high street alternatives!.

If you’re a casual swimmer who puts swim stats in the nice to know category, you don’t need these goggles. You’re better off with an Apple Watch (Series 4: $349) or a swimproof Fitbit (Versa: $199.95; Charge 3: $149.95). As for me, if someone got me the FORM goggles as a gift, I’d be a happy swimmer.

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