Ray Ban Q Se Doblan

We play head tennis in the gym and, in the practice on the field, we be practising near post, far post headers, and you could head 20 or 30 balls in the space of half an hour. Geoff said a ban on kids heading the ball be a very strong and sensible suggestion added: think stopping at that young age, when the brain has not matured, must be looked at. I don think it would destroy the enjoyment of kids football or grassroots football.

When a people become hostages to a backward political class, then wealth, poverty and politics is also used against them. The Uganda dictatorship has been good at using the greedy political class to chock both the rule of law and democracy. Today, Uganda has become very tribalistic and backward than any time in its history tribalism is now part and parcel of everyday politics both at home and in diaspora.

Alexandra Reid, 30, who died in February 2020, was described as someone who was well loved by everyone she metA “calculated and thoroughly dishonest” boyfriend who attacked his girlfriend numerous times before she took her own life has been sentenced to six months in prison.Peter Yeung, of Park Road, Toxteth, financially, emotionally and physically abused beloved nurse Alexandra Reid, but told her no one would believe her if she reported the abuse.An inquest previously found Alexandra, known as Alex, chose to end her own life because she feared no one would believe she was suffering at the hands of Yeung.Yeung pleaded not guilty to assaulting Alex, forcing members of her family to relive the abuse in court and defend her memory by assuring she was telling the truth.The 35 year old was today given a six month prison sentence at Liverpool Magistrates Court, of which he was told he will serve half.Dressed in a grey tracksuit, Yeung looked to the floor as emotional and distressing statements from Alex family were read aloud in court today.Receive newsletters with the latest news, sport and what on updates from the Liverpool ECHO by signing up hereDistrict Judge Andrew Shaw told Yeung: “Alex had confided in you that she had suffered domestic abuse before and you used this against her and you told her police would not believe it [abuse] was happening again.”She was a vulnerable victim after being previously attacked and she was manipulated into believing that police would not believe her.”Peter Yeung leaves Liverpool Magistrates Court after being convicted of assaulting his ex girlfriend, Alexandra Reid, who later killed herself(Image: Liverpool Echo)During his trial, in December, the former takeaway worker was found guilty of two charges of assault and admitted one of criminal damage with District Judge Shaw stating his version of events wasn plausible.The trial heard how Yeung had throttled, kicked and burst the lip of Alex, and even tried to phone the police to cover his tracks, claiming she would “make up” the abuse.Blasting him as “calculating and thoroughly dishonest,” Judge Shaw said: “You tried to escape the consequences of your actions by misleading the police on the phone and in the evidence you gave to court.”Angela Conlan, prosecuting, questioned why Yeung wasn brave enough to plead guilty to the assaults, after distressing images of Alex covered in bruises were shown to the court.The sentencing comes nearly one year after Alex tragically took her own life, on February 24, 2020.An inquest heard Alex died just seven days after making statements to police. Judge Shaw described Alex’s suicide as the “tragic shadow” which hung over the case.Today sentencing heard an emotional victim personal statement from Alex sister, Katy Reid, who called Yeung “evil”.She said: “I feel empty within myself without Alex. [Her death] has left me unable to go to work because I no motivation.

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