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I not only been inclined toward, I always insisted on, as the spelling for that sweet, fried delicacy beloved of Homer Simpson and myself. (I doubt I trade my soul for one doughnut, as Homer did in an episode of Simpsons, but I think about it.) But I finally acknowledging that donut has practically driven doughnut from the field. Even my old Random House accepts donut as an alternate spelling.

Yet Another Quick Question. Or Twoby Heather Edgens 8 years agoSo, I understand I can’t publish any content on here that I have used for another site. But can I publish on here first, then carry those articles over to another site? Is that allowed? Cause on the other sites I write for allow me to republish content on them.

Over the past days, Iran has launched a number of missile tests as part of military exercises. On Tuesday, the Revolutionary Guard said the tests included several missiles with ranges between 300 and 2,000 kilometres (185 1,250 miles), including the Shahab 1 and 2, the Qiam, with a range of 800 kilometres, and the Qadr. Or elsewhere..

I think youre absolutely right about most of this though, there will be a strong rebound. Democrats are doing nothing to write home about either, having put Shillary and Biden to the top of the party. Both parties are fully corrupt and controlled by the 1%.

In September he will fly to LA to work on his seventh album. It will include his latest hit, which features Justin Bieber, formerly derided as a teen pop brat, now lauded as a credible A lister. Got a lot of shit for his career for a bit, which I guess comes with success for anyone.

“When he was thirty years old, he became one of the youngest senators in history, and he has parted with youth begrudgingly. His smile has been rejuvenated to such a gleam that it inspired a popular tweet during the last campaign: ‘Biden’s teeth are so white they’re voting for Romney.’ At seventy one, with his hairline reforested and his forehead looking becalmed, Biden projects the glow of a grandfather just back from the gym, which is often the case.””Biden likes to be candid in such settings. In 1979, on one of his first trips to the Soviet Union, he listened to an argument from his Soviet counterpart, and replied, ‘Where I come from, we have a saying: You can’t [sh a shter.]’ Bill Bradley, then a fellow senator on the delegation, later asked the American interpreter how he had translated Biden’s comment into Russian.

Android phones are great in terms of customization and UI, but they lack in a number of departments. First, phone quality. All of my android phones went to shit within a year, 2 only lasted 2+ years (galaxy s5 and 9+). Other than that, the choreography, artstyle, music, acting, etc are all exceptional. Nostalgia also makes it more appealing as well. ATLA and it sequel are a lot more adult oriented than you would expect, just in a cartoon medium.

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