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Plan, drafted over the last year with extensive public input, includes nearly 70 strategies that entail local, regional and state actions across four areas: buildings and energy; transportation and land use; water reduction; and climate resilience.It also highlights how changes implemented to protect public health during the coronavirus pandemic have proven the feasibility of several climate strategies, including the closure of city streets to encourage more use by pedestrians and to expand outdoor dining and common areas, and the ability for many companies to work remotely, which reduces traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.According to the report, 34 percent of greenhouse emissions in Portland in 2017 came from commercial buildings, 30 percent came from vehicles, 22 percent from homes and 10 percent from industrial buildings. In South Portland, 32 percent of emissions came from vehicles, 24 percent from industrial buildings, 23 from commercial buildings and 19 from homes.On a per capita basis, South Portland emits 13.8 metric tons of carbon dioxide per resident and Portland emits 12.6 metric tons, compared to the national average of 20.7 metric tons, the report says.City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau said he hopes both communities will take the 298 page report and find a way to make it more accessible to the public, so people can better understand the goals and strategies.is a huge step forward for both of our communities, Thibodeau said. Need to dial it down and streamline it so we can achieve these goals.

“This is a government which originally promised a four lane GDE. In 2004, Katy Gallagher promised not to close schools. In 2008, Katy Gallagher said all her health plans were on the table when she was secretly trying to buy Calvary hospital. Ej, hvor sdt! Er det nu, jeg skal fortlle om min barndoms undulat, som kom tilflydende? Den sad en dag ude i haven, og da jeg kom ud, flj den hen, og satte sig p mit hovede. S gik jeg ind med den, hvor den fik et vrelse, den kunne flyve lidt rundt i. Min far ringede til politiet, og satte vist ogs en annonce i den lokale sprjte, men ingen ville kendes ved som vi endte med at kalde den.

The Amendment to remove the Jeffy Trail Expansion from the 2016 Capital Budget and establishes a Jeffy Trail workgroup. This amendment as approved by the BOE removes the Jeffy Trail expansion from consideration in the 2016 Capital Budget and requires planning and traffic engineering, the District Alder and representatives both for and against supporting the project to form the workgroup to engage in a comprehensive evaluation of the expansion. This action effectively returns 510,000 to the 2016 Capital Budget..

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