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So far, nearly 80 per cent of the company’s franchise stores have opened doors for consumers, in line with the government norms. “We are witnessing pent up demand and our retail partners are upbeat. We believe the July September quarter will be the recovery phase and business will gradually ramp up as consumers gain confidence to shop.

5. Court Actions. This ordinance does not apply to any proceedings in court, reimbursement for which will continue to be considered under existing state law and any agreements with employee associations. In the Democratic race, front runner Hillary Clinton was looking for a commanding victory over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in Saturday South Carolina primary to give her a boost heading into Super Tuesday. Polls show the former secretary of state with a huge advantage among African Americans which bodes well for her prospects in South Carolina and then the Southern states which vote on Super Tuesday where blacks make up a large segment of the Democratic primary electorate..

These bidding sites have been quite controversial some consider them to be scammy, while others enjoy their more exciting, game like nature (and the potential to get major savings). Off Away helps mitigate this a bit by allowing you to put money you spent on bids toward a reservation at the hotel normal price. The logic being, if you going to reserve a hotel room anyway, you might as well do it on Off Away and give yourself a shot at getting a super cheap deal.

The province has administered doses at a rate of 19.291 per 1,000. There were 4,000 new vaccines delivered to Nova Scotia for a total of 34,800 doses delivered so far. The province has received enough of the vaccine to give 3.6 per cent of its population a single dose.

On social media, these protesters gathered unexpected support from several brands too. For over half a century now Amul has not taught us to be witty and laugh at ourselves with its regular takes on news and events that impact us. In 2009, Amul celebrated the Delhi HC decision that decriminalized gay sex with this ad..

Communication: No communication directly with sellers. I did communicate with my Superbuy Agents quite a bit. I would give them a 5/10, although for what I’m paying for their service I think it’s exactly what I deserve lol but if you wan’t me to be critical I think that the agents should have a little better English speaking abilities, have some overlap in wake time as I usually only got replies around 3 4am which would make what should be a short conversation very slow.

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