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Off the shoulder top denim plaid shirt is absolutely stunning. Since it is denim, matching up with jeans should not be a problem. Go get the eye catching, bold and beautiful three quarter sleeve blouse. For better or worse, for richer or poorer. Over the past year, there’s no doubt that plenty of couples who have uttered those words during a traditional marriage ceremony have hearkened back to them, wondering whether they’d considered the advent of a year long global pandemic when they said them. Whether married or otherwise, couples like everyone else have seen new challenges and unexpected circumstances arise over the past year..

By human standards is this behavior pathological? It actually tough to say at this point. We simply do not know enough about the human brain and evolution to make that judgement call. Is it despicable in the eyes of the human social contract? Absolutely.

3 arrived in Texas on June 19, 1865. The day is formally recognized and celebrated in 47 states and the District of Columbia. Wisconsin in 2009 became the 32nd state to recognize Juneteenth. MPD funding represents about one quarter of the entire City of Madison operating budget at around $70 million. From 1999 to 2016 MPD staffing has increased 23% (see graph below prepared by City Finance). While there is no direct recommendation about optimal staffing numbers, many of the recommendations have a bearing on staffing and the conditions under which good decisions should be made about it..

In Person Absentee Voting details Voting Update 2 The City of Madison Clerk’s Office has purchased 14 secure ballot drop boxes that are being placed at 13 Madison Fire stations and at Elver Park shelter. The last ballot box pick up will occur by 5:00pm the day before Election Day, and the slots will be closed and locked at that time. Voters will be directed to drop their absentee ballot off at their polling place on Election Day if they still have it.

They also provide a complete Chanel case. As almost all sunglasses have, they are also UV400, UVA and UVB. Some of the frames also come with different colors from that of the lenses. The week of November 2 has items of possible interest to residents of district 2 at the , the , the , the , the Urban Design Commission, the Community Development Block Grant Committee and a Neighborhood Meeting to Learn About Housing Initiatives. The city meeting agenda items are open for testimony from the public should you be interested in weighing in. I also appreciate hearing from you on any items on which you have a particular interest or concern so please send me an email or give me a call..

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